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Cross Country Greenhouse Options
All accessories below are for the Cross Country greenhouses only
- Ventilation Options -
Roof Vent System
Exhaust Fan System
- Roof Vent System -
- Exhaust Fan System -
Roof vent systems include 48" x 20" vents in the roof of the greenhouse. Each vent is automated with a Bayliss triple spring vent opener. This system runs completely on solar power and requires no electricity. The number of vents included depends on the size of greenhouse. Side vents and vent screens are also available. Exhaust fan systems includes one of our exhaust fans, ACF weatherproof thermostat, motorized intake shutters, wiring kit, and mounting hardware. The diagram above shows the optimal placement of the fan system (configuration may differ in larger models that require multiple fans). All fan systems are sized to provide each greenhouse with optimal ventilation. The size of the fan and number of shutters varies with each model. Let us know if you have other placement preferences.

Cross Country Frame Color

- Choosing a Frame Color -
Cross Country greenhouses come standard with a white frame. A dark green or dark brown frame is available as an alternative to the white frame. To order a green or brown frame, simply select the color you prefer from the drop down color menu when ordering your greenhouse. The % number beside the word green or brown indicates how much extra the greenhouse will cost with that color painted frame.

Traditional 5/12 Pitch
Cottage 8/12 Pitch
Cape Cod 12/12/Pitch
- Choosing a Roof Pitch -
Cross Country greenhouses are available with 3 different roof pitches or slopes.
1. The Traditional 5/12 pitch roof rises 5" for very 1' of greenhouse width. This model will be the shortest at the peak.
2. The Cottage 8/12 picth roof rises 8" for every 1' of greenhouse width. This model will be taller at the peak than the Traditional
3. The Cape Cod 12/12 picth roof rises 12" for every 1' of greenhouse width. This model is the talllest at the peak.
You can view the Arctic model's final cost by clicking on the button next to it.
Side Vent Window Side Venting Diagram
- Side Vent Windows -
Side vents increase the effectiveness of roof vents by allowing winds to enter from a low area and push hot air out of the roof vents. All side vents are made of aluminum painted to match the greenhouse and come with panels that match the greenhouse covering if ordered at the same time. They can be automated with a Bayliss triple spring vent opener (not included). It is recommended that side vents be purchased in pairs placing one vent on each side of the greenhouse. Standard side vent placement is 6" above the greenhouse base. Dimensions: 24" wide x 24" long
Roof Vent Screen
- Vent Screens -
Vent screens allow automatic openers to operate normally while keeping insects and pests out of your greenhouse when vents are open. They are easily installed and removed by loosening one bolt. Vent screens are available for side and roof vents. (Can only be used with automated vents)
Double Door
 Standard Door
- Double Door -
- Standard Door -

Dimensions: 54" wide x 76" tall
Rough Opening: 54 1/2"

The double door option includes replacing the standard door with a double door.
The extra double door option includes adding a double door to the end of the greenhouse opposite the standard door.

Dimensions: 32" wide x 76" tall
Rough Opening: 34 5/8"

The extra door option includes adding an extra standard door to the end of the greenhouse opposite the original standard door.

Double door is only available for models over 8' wide. It is too tall for Cross Country 10' & 12' wide Pacific and Traditional models and 10' wide Lean-to models. A door drop is needed for these models.

A door drop (door is lowered on the greenhouse frame to make it flush with a raised foundation) can be specified for no additional charge when ordering a greenhouse with any size door.
Roof Cresting
- Aluminum Roof Cresting -
This detailed aluminum cresting creates an authentic Victorian look for any of the freestanding Cross Country greenhouses. Each set includes 2 end pieces and multiple interior cresting sections that are approximately 22" L x 6" H. End pieces are 10 1/2" H. Durable painted finish is available in white, dark brown. or dark forest green. Cresting comes preinstalled when purchased with a Cross Country greenhouse. Cresting will not fit other greenhouses.

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