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FlowerHouse Portable Mini Greenhouses
Flowerhouse greenhouses features the most extensive line of portable mini greenhouses
available. Choose from over 12 different portable greenhouse styles and sizes below.
Click on a picture below for more information. Click here for pricing
  Starter Flowerhouse Greenhouses Row Portable Greenhouses  
HarvestHouse Plus
Plant Tower Flowerhouse
Shade Cover
Flower Forcer Cover
HarvestHouse Plus
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Helpful Links
• Our Greenhouse Review
• Flowerhouse Instructions: Click on any model shown above for more information and a link to its instruction manual.
• Shipping Details
• Greenhouse Accessories

Mini Portable Greenhouses Tote Bag
Durable tote bag for transportation and storage

Mini Portable Greenhouse Kit Vents
Multiple screened vents
keep pests out
Portable Mini Flowerhouse Greenhouses
Extend your growing season by several months!
These space saving mini portable greenhouses provide you with an inexpensive way to get a jump-start on growing in the spring and extend it longer into the fall. They are also a great inexpensive option for overwintering plants. Flowerhouse portable greenhouses are compact and lightweight for easy transport, setup, and take down. These mini greenhouse kits require no tools for assembly and most can easily be built in 30 minutes or less. They can also be taken down just as easily and stored in a garage, basement, or even a closet. The Gro-Tec™ cover is made of reinforced woven polyethylene which is UV protected and has 80% light transmission. This covering includes a door (or access panels for the smaller models) and screened windows for ventilation. All of the windows have built-in screens to keep out animals and insects out of the greenhouses. Adjustable benches not included.

Greenhouses Include

  • Durable fiberglass frame
    (HarvestHouse & Plant Tower have a painted stee frame)
  • One-piece 11 mil Gro-Tec™ woven polyethylene cover
    (Clear models have a UV protected vinyl cover)
  • Wide zippered opening(s) and screened vents
  • Ground stake and tie down anchoring kit
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Custom fit shade cover
    (Not available with HarvestHouse)
  • Tote bag for transportation and storage
    (Not available with HarvestHouse & Plant Tower)

Most Popular FlowerHouse Accessories:
Soil Heating Mats
Electric Heaters
Portable Benches

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