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Grow More Greenhouses

Grow More 10' Greenhouse 13' Grow More Greenhouse
GM10 model (10' x 13')
GM13 model + (1) GM13ext (13' x 20')
Grow More greenhouse picturesMore pictures of Grow More greenhouses

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Our Greenhouse Review
Grow More Instructions For Models: GM8, GM10, GM13, GM13D, GM16
Shipping Details
Custom Foundation Help
Greenhouse Accessories

Grow More Greenhouse Dimensions

8' 7/8"
10' 8 3/8"
7' 5"
71" x 30"
8' 7/8"
5' 3 3/8"
7' 5"
10' 1/2"
13' 3 7/8"
71" x 37"
10' 1/2"
6' 6 3/4"
13' 3 7/8"
13' 3 7/8"
71" x 77"
13' 3 7/8"
6' 6 3/4"
16' 7 3/16"
13' 3 7/8"
71" x 77"
16' 7 3/16"
6' 6 3/4"

Grow More Greenhouse
Grow More greenhouse frame

Frame & Covering Comparison
Grow More Covering
Grow More greenhouses feature a heavy-duty tubular aluminum frame, superior 10mm TRIPLE wall polycarbonate panels, commercial grade hinged doors (1 Dutch door standard on all models), a built-in gutter system, and plenty of roof vents for maximum air circulation. Combine that with the Fast Click system that drastically reduces assembly time and a price hundreds less than any similarly equipped greenhouse, and you have a package that is hard to beat!

Enjoy the light diffusion and beauty that polycarbonate affords without the fear of breakage and drastic temperature changes experienced in glass greenhouses. The beautiful powder coated black aluminum frame on the Grow More greenhouses will blend in well in any location. Grow More greenhouses are rated for winds up to 70 mph and snow loads up to 25 lbs. per square foot.
Recommended Option: Grow More roof vents can be automated with our Univent automatic openers. They will open and close the roof vents automatically based on temperature and are solar powered. A minimum of 1 opener is needed per roof vent. 2 openers are recommended per vent in very windy areas.

What sets Grow More greenhouses apart from the rest?

  • Easy assembly
    Fast Click system simplifies install and cuts assembly time in half
  • Long-lasting sturdy design
    All heavy-duty tubular aluminum frame & stainless steel hardware
    Made to handle harsh environments
  • Large roof vents for maximum natural ventilation
    GM8: 4 large 30" x 26" roof vents (over 5 sq. ft. each)
    GM10: 4 extra large 38" x 31" roof vents (over 8 sq. ft. each)
    GM13 & GM16: 4 XXL 38" x 42" roof vents (over 11 sq. ft. each)
    Each extension comes with 2 additional roof vents
        (Solar powered automatic openers are available as an accessory)
  • Sturdy hinged door with catch
    Wide hinged Dutch door made of aluminum and polycarbonate
    13' & 16' wide models come with 2 hinged doors (1 Dutch & 1 Full)
    Model #s ending with D have doors on both end walls
  • Insulated 10mm triple wall polycarbonate
    The best mix of strength, insulation, and light transmission in the industry
    Insulates better and reduces condensation vs. twin wall panels
  • Expandable
    All Grow More greenhouses can be extended to meet your needs
    Multiple extensions can be added to any Grow More greenhouse
  • Rain water collection
    Built-in gutters with downspouts
  • Anchoring
    Mounting brackets and hardware are included
  • Ease of mind
    Limited lifetime warranty on frame & 10 years on the covering
Superior Benches for GM Greenhouses
Grow More Bench Kit

Superior benches for the Grow More greenhouses feature heavy-duty steel frames with a UV protected, baked-on black finish to match the greenhouse. Each bench can support 800 lbs. and comes with multiple adjustable shelves that can be set to any height. Two tier benches are recommended against the side walls. 3 tier benches can be placed in the center of the greenhouse or along the end wall. More information about superior benches is available by clicking here.

Recommended benches to run the full length of each Grow More greenhouse (double the quantity to have benches along both side walls). All options are listed on our Superior bench page.
The GM8 greenhouse: 2- 5' benches or 1- 6' bench and 1- 4' bench.
The GM10 & GM13 greenhouses: 1- 6' bench, 1- 4' bench (or 2- 5' benches) and 1- 3' bench.
The GM16 greenhouse: 2- 6' benches.

Grow More Raised Shade Kit
Grow More Shade Kit
Standoff shade kit
GM10 model shown with 2 shade kits
GM shade kit front view
Grow More greenhouse picturesMore pictures of the Grow More shade kit

Grow More greenhouses are the only models available with a standoff shade kit made specifically for the greenhouse. This is the most effective way to shade your greenhouse because it:
1. Reflects majority of the sun's heat before it reaches the greenhouse.
2. Allows the roof vents to open and close freely.
3. Doesn't reduce air flow through vents while still shading the entire vent area.
Shade material is Aluminet 55% highly reflective fabric. A spring tensioning system and tie down rope are included to keep shade tightly secured. Each Grow More shade kit is half the greenhouse's length. Note: The shade will not come down as far on the sides with larger widths.
2 kits are needed for each greenhouse and 1 for each extension.

Univent Auto Vent Opener for Grow More Greenhouse
Univent Vent Opener
The Univent allows solar-powered control of top and side mounted window vents thanks to its dual springs. Univent window openers have an adjustable opening temperature of 60 F to 75 F and an 18" maximum opening which would be reached at approximately 20 to 30F above opening temperature. Univents are made from corrosion resistant materials including aluminum and stainless steel. This model is recommended for use with Grow More greenhouse vents because they include a mounting bracket made for the Grow More greenhouses. A minimum of 1 opener is needed per roof vent. 2 openers are recommended for each Grow More roof vent in very windy areas (50 mph winds or higher).Order more than one and save!

GM Support Bar Kit
Grow More Support Bars

Support bars allow you to quickly and easily add horizontal cross braces for mounting heaters, fans, and other accessories to any GM greenhouse. Support bars slide in between 2 vertical frame supports and bolt right to the frame. They also have a track in the center for adding hardware easily to mount equipment. Each kit comes with 2 38" extruded aluminum support bars and 20 stainless steel nuts and bolts.

For GM10, GM13, and GM16 models only.

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