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Free Greenhouse Supplies
CFL Fluorescent
Grow Lights
T5 Fluorescent
Grow Lights
Grow Lights
MH & HPS Light Bulbs
& Grow Light Supplies

MH & HPS Plant Grow Light Bulbs & Supplies

If you aren't sure what size grow light(s) you need, use the chart in our Grow Light Guide.
PlantMax Dual Arc Bulb - HPS + MH 1000 Watt
Dual Arc Lamp Bulb

600w HPS & 400w MH In One Bulb

The PlantMax Dual Arc Bulb incorporates the best of HPS and MH in one bulb with two simultaneously operating arc tubes that are optimized for peak performance. The 1000 Watt Dual Arc Tube Lamp runs a 400w Metal Halide and 600w HPS in one bulb providing full spectrum lighting for your plants. This PlantMax grow bulb runs on a 1000w HPS ballast and emits 110,000 Lumens.
Dual Arc bulb shown operating in a reflector at left.
   Price: $89    qty:

PlantMax MH and HPS Grow Light Bulbs
HID Grow Light Bulbs
HPS = High Pressure Sodium         MH = Metal Halide
Bulb number = Wattage of the bulb
Lumens = Amount of light given off by the bulb

Standard MH bulbs can not be used with an HPS ballast, and standard HPS bulbs can not be used with an MH ballast. The only way to use both types of bulbs with one ballast is to buy a converison bulb or switchable ballast. For all HID grow lights, the bulb wattage must be the same as the ballast wattage to work properly.

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250 MH Grow Bulb (22,000 lumens)
400 MH Grow Bulb (36,000 lumens)
1000 MH Grow Bulb (110,000 lumens)
220 HPS Conversion Bulb (25,000 lumens)
- operates on 250 MH ballast
360 HPS Conversion Bulb (45,000 lumens)
- operates on 400 MH ballast
940 HPS Conversion Bulb (130,000 lumens)
- operates on 1000 MH ballast
250 HPS Grow Bulb (28,500 lumens)
400 HPS Grow Bulb (50,000 lumens)
600 HPS Grow Bulb (92,000 lumens)
1000 HPS Grow Bulb (140,000 lumens)
250 MH Conversion Bulb (19,000 lumens)
- operates on 250 HPS ballast
400 MH Conversion Bulb (36,000 lumens)
- operates on 400 HPS ballast
600 MH Conversion Bulb (57,000 lumens)
- operates on 600 HPS ballast
1000 MH Conversion Bulb (119,000 lumens)
- operates on 1000 HPS ballast
Sun Lift Grow Light Hanger
Sun Lift Grow Light Hanger
Sun Lift is a reflector suspension system which allows you to adjust the height of a hood in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the hood in place once it is set at the desired height. The support strings pull out and retract like a yo-yo. Mounting hardware included. For use with all remote ballast HID systems and suspended lights up to 22 lbs. Sun Lift hanger provides up to 4' of height adjustment. Reflector not included.

Click for larger image
Price: $15.95    qty:
Heavy-Duty Grounded Timer
Grow Light Timer
This 24 hour timer plugs directly into a wall outlet and can handle 1875 watts. You can set up to 48 cycles in 15 minute increments and set intervals from 15 minutes up to 24 hours making this timer excellent for lighting systems. No little pins to lose! Timer also features a manual override switch and LED light to indicate when power is on. 120 volt
Univent OpenerTimer Instructions
   Price: $15.95    qty:
Reflective Film
Micro Sun Grow Light Reflective Film
This bright durable film will reflect light back to your plants increasing the effeciency of grow lights or the sun. Place film anywhere you want to reflect artificial or natural light. Film is 1 mil and measures 48" x 25' (100 sq. ft.).
Price: $17.95    qty:
If you aren't sure what size grow light(s) you need, use the chart in our Grow Light Guide.


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